About Us

As one of the first statistics and data collection companies, we started our work in 2013 with the aim of doing statistical work and data analysis to improve the traffic situation of Tehran.

Greater Tehran Transport and Traffic Organization, as the main custodian in traffic affairs and goods transportation, was the biggest potential client of Armin Atieh Sazan Company at that time. In addition to the traffic organization, some other examples of our work were as follows:

  • Assessing and monitoring Tehran and Qom’s urban roads and transport information
  • Assessing, monitoring and analyzing of taxi information in Tehran
  • Study, monitor and prepare information on urban transportation systems, including BRT and subway

Little by little, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, and its practical use in industry, up-to-date algorithms, stronger hardware, and work automation, Atieh Sazan Armin Inc. also started to continue its work in this field in line with modern technology and using data science. .

Today, according to the increasing need of companies to analyze the available huge data, Atiye Sazan Armin Inc. has taken a step in a new way and the company’s analysts process organizations’ information to find the smartest sales strategy, analyze the current situation, forecast and provide pricing solutions, etc. They help organizations and companies in making strategic decisions.

Commitment to providing the highest quality services and paying special attention to technical support and after-sales services are among the features that distinguish Armin’s makers from its competitors. Benefiting from today’s technology, expert and committed employees are the biggest assets of the company in the axes of production, offering products and services. In this regard, working health and efforts to promote the brand, development, growth and profitability have always been at the forefront of the company’s activities.

The parent company already has several projects and contracts with public and private companies in the healthcare, service and retail sectors in Iran, and will benefit from expanding to Canada as the company will gain access to the North American market, where there is a huge market for the services offered by the parent company. On 2022, we proudly celebrate the opening of our new branch in Barrie, Canada and announce that our main company in Tehran, in addition to consulting and supporting the Canadian company, will also provide the necessary financial support for the Canadian branch.
The future vision of Armin manufacturers is to expand business and enter global markets through the target market of South America.

Atieh Sazan Armin Inc. with key team members offers several specific types of solutions in statistical and data analytics solutions:
1. Creating an agile analysis-driven finance function.

2. Applying the latest analytical techniques to risk management

3. Analyzing customer data to add value and increase profitability

4. Optimizing the human resource function

5. Creating a highly responsive supply chain

6. Analytics-as-a-service

7. Information sharing and analysis center